Manchester United Away Shirt 2014/15

Manchester United Away Kit 2014/15 - Little Boys

Manchester United Away Shirt 2013/14

Manchester United Away Shirt 2014/15 - Long Sleeve - Kids

2013-14 Manchester United Away Kit

The Nike 2013-14 Manchester United Away shirt has already been leaked online and now we have exclusive close-up pictures of the new shirt. The ‘tartan’ design featured on the 2012-13 home shirts is now incorporated into the new blue/black away shirt.


The shirt will be sponsored by Aon as Chevrolet will not be taking over shirt sponsorship until the 2014/15 season and earlier this year the home shirt was leaked online. The tartan kit features a three chequered square design which gives a unique and modern look but may cause for some critics to say it represents a ‘picnic blanket’ rather than a football shirt.


Manchester United currently hold a 12 point gap between over city rivals Manchester City as they have 11 matches to hold on for their 20th English league title. We’ll be posting more of these close-up images to our facebook page, so make sure to become of fan of that for the latest updates.

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  1. Cal:

    A new table cloth!

  2. Ryan F:

    I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay.

  3. Marvin the Paranoid Android:

    I sleep all night and I work all day.

  4. Bluemooner:

    Aren’t Chevrelot sponsoring ManUre next season? And didn’t we see this shirt around the same time last year?

  5. D King:

    I cut down trees, I eat my lunch,
    I go to the lava-try
    On Wednesdays I go shoppin’
    And have prawn sandwiches for tea.

    Ridiculas shirt

  6. Ur Mum:

    wow that is nice!!!!!!!!

  7. Saggers:

    Come on Nike , do something new!!!!! Where’s the creativity? There must be fashion designers out there who love footy and would be eager to have a chance at designing a jersey. Get real nike

  8. rooney is soooo ugly:

    Typical nike . As they dont have any creativeness at all , they should at least pay someone to make new designs for them. Boring and dull shirt again

  9. D King:

    Maybe the top clubs should rotate their shirt makers every few seasons, just to keep things interesting. Think what Adidas, Puma, Umbro or Warrier would do for a United shirt.

    It is not easy for Nike to do something orignal for all their top sides… Barcelona, United, Brazil, Juventus, Inter, City, France, Holland, Portugal, England etc.

  10. Joe:

    @ 4 Bluemooner – No, the Cheverolet shirt sponsorship begins for season 2014/15

  11. United!!!:

    actually this ‘tartan’ design is even better than this season’s home gingham shirt… the diagonal stripes on the tartan patterns make it look much better …. plus its the right shade of blue to me! …. this shirt’s got my vote!

  12. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks:

    hate this design. i hope this is not the final jersey

  13. lamdalam:

    Changing the color of the shirt basically is changing the material that used to produced the shirt in the production line. When Nike produce this shirt in the factory , they dont need to change the production line printing and they dont need pay a designer to get a new design for next year shirt. This will greatly reduce the cost of production yet they sell the price as a brand new shirt!! same as holland away shirt.
    Nike would have keeping the same shirt for 2 seasons since they dont intend to have new design of the shirt , yet they change the material to make it “new” for sucking the blood money from our pocket!! So please dont buy it so that they should know we pay the money to buy a brand new nice design shirt,NOT the reduced cost template shirt.

  14. Techaine:

    Just coz Fergie is a Scot, Nike are using his tea towel as inspiration?

  15. Imagen:

    Nike where’s designer ???

  16. FP14:

    @9 d king, warrior, are you having a laugh??????????

  17. The Hawkster:

    Seriously people, what is it you expect. This is a quality shirt from Nike. Big thumbs up from me.

  18. Wolfman Dan:

    @ D King: Your first point is excellent, although not sure how that would go with contracts. I take umbrage at your second point tho, as if we should pity the large multinational that is Nike? If they (or any other kit maker) cannot handle bespoke kits, then they shouldn’t be allowed to make them in the first place.

    (Any anger reflected in this above comment is reserved for NOT D King but for lazy billionaire companies that squeeze the soul out of football lovers everywhere…. and make a profit out of it too!)

  19. Smart Alec:

    This is what happens when you change shirts every season – you run out of ideas. This is really a recycling of the current home shirt, similar to what they’ve done with the away kits for Holland and Portugal.

  20. N7 Bluebird:

    Its Man u. Its rubbish. Enough said!

  21. nikos thrasivoulou:

    the perfect underwear.

  22. MajestyKagiso:

    @Smart Alec, you should be saying “This is what happens when NIKE change shirts every season”. Every other kitmaker TBH has created new designs and they all look diff season in and out.

    Nike went the smart and simple route, worked for the first 4 years till around 2009, 2010-2013 it’s been appalling, United has only be changing the collars and some subtle trims depending on the template used, the Gingham was the biggest change since 2009, even our away is the same, just another unique collar on the same looking bland templates. Nike def need to create diff styles to give clubs more variation and choices. Maybe the subtle classy line and the futuristic designs like Adidas and Puma pull off season in and out!

  23. Matt Daug:

    No clue why everyone has something negative to say about Nike. Adidas does a far worse job than anyone else with their horrible designs and ridiculous three stripes on the shoulders. Puma makes nice tops, but use the same templates more than anyone in world football. Warrior is a joke. And thankfully, Umbro won’t be making many more kits that matter. Every kit manufacturer cannot possibly make the greatest shirt ever with every go, but Nike always does their best to make quality, unique shirts. This away top is is quite nice and looks much better than the black and blue design from the season before.

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